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a strong wind; a gale. 两种表达法

strong wind hard snow heavey rain

用strong。因为,strong表达的牢固还有健康的含义,如一般描述的strong body,这里描述的是strong relationship(及牢固、健康的关系),友谊是relationship的一种,所以strong更为合适。 另外,解释不用hard的原因,hard表达的硬、坚固,主要表...


He is tall and strong,and study hard

歌名:Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger 演唱:Daft Punk 为防删帖,试听链接就不贴了,百度一搜就有。

and stand hard work, courage under pressure, innovation; Has the strong organization ability and the team cooperation spirit, has strong ability to adapt;...

The hard part is keeping the connections strong during the natural ups and downs that affect all relationships.影响友谊最困难的部分是在自然起伏中保持密切的...

which ____ 2 men and 3 women, started this... ( ) the exam in English if you ( ) hard....that you are no longer as strong as you were....

the work of learning to walk all the way, i acquired a strong sense of responsibility hardworking, forward-working attitude and is ready to communicate...

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