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答案是:boot 和shoe 通常都是以复数形式出现的,因为他们都是成双成对的的,比如:a pair of boots /shoes 一双靴子/鞋子 boot 和shoe 都是单数 ,boots和shoes 都是复数形式 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳


shoes 鞋子(总称) sneaker 橡皮底帆布鞋 sandals 拖鞋 boots 长统靴 sneakers 旅游鞋,运动鞋,球鞋 希望采纳哦!

将错就错, 一不做二不休 例句 Sentences Wipe Your Shoes And Boots 请擦去鞋上的泥土 Trousers are not blouseed over the shoes today. 如今裤子不下垂盖住鞋口。 To make or mend(boots or shoes). 修制造或修理(长统靴或鞋) a person who ...

over shoes over boots 将错就错的意思

1 防护鞋(靴) protective shoes(boots)防御劳动中物理、化学和生物等外界因素伤害劳动者的脚及小腿的护品。...

参见 from your names to boots was unwelcome. 意为从头到脚都不受欢迎

slouch boots - the most sexy shoes . nearly three years after they return. Their battering fashion corridor again. You should ensure that adequate, this time they did not get away here. can ... they are here to rule on the posi...

The type of charm of the Christian Louboutin shoes runs midsole boots loved through process of Jennifer Lopez Given that Christian Louboutin sale ...

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