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my BABy my trEAsurE

m2m議ゞpretty boy〃

Treasure Bruno Mars Give me all, give me all, give me all your attention baby I got to tell you a little something about yourself You're wonderful, flawless, ooh you're a sexy lady But you walk around here like you wanna be something else I know that you

Can you treasure my heart? づいてよ 禅伉[kizuiteyo koigokoro] Anytime I believe この歪の竃穴いを[kononatsu no deai wo] You mean everything to me, I'm nothing without you my baby You mean everything to me, I'm nothing without you my baby

嗤曾遍低心心頁陳遍´´1、車帽諭曳荻嗤匯遍梧宜頁宸劔議~ゞbaby〃2、Goodnight Moon Shivaree

My lover

My baby´´ 祥頁厘議右唄晴~~~ 辛參寡追議售(*^__^*) 煉煉´´

my treasuresSpeaking of my treasures,first thing goes to my mind is my parents.They raise me from i was a very little baby until now i have my own child.They give me everything they have,but leave tough and hard-working to themselves.I have

You are my baby (宸鞘湊噸宥阻) be the apple of one's eye 頁蝶繁議寇握岻麗 You are the apple of my eye 低頁厘議右唄隅 楼降喘囂one's ewe lamb 徭失恷寇篇議叫廉 You are an ewe lamb to me 低頁厘議伉故右唄.參貧脅頁仇祇議廣盾.錬李嬬逸低!

昧宴亜,honey, darling脅辛參.

you~re my everything and i need you to know i just can~t waiting for the moment and i love you so oh baby, you`re my everything but i need you to know i will be giving you my promise and i to do so why i loving you loving you all day and all night i just

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