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make one's way 前进;成功更多释义>> [网络短语] make one's way 前进,成功,去 make Time one's way 成功 make one's way 上路

on one`s way to和make one's way两个短语的意思,用法都不一样,on one`s way to是介词短语,在句中作状语。make one's way在句中作谓语。具体分析如下: on one's way to:往…去的路上。 例句: He is on his way to his school. 他在上学的...

make one's way into 进入 双语对照 词典结果: make one's way into 打进; 例句: 1. How it found its way into one of the nation's premier science journals is hard to fathom. 我们很难了解它缘何能发表在全国最重要的科学期刊上。 2. It ...

give way to 让路,让步 The cars gave way to the pedestrians. The motorboats have to give way to the sailboats. make way for 让路给,为...开路 Some fine old buildings have been torn down to make way for an ugly new parking garage.

make one's way to 想方设法(去)进入; 例句: 1. There's one way to make him talk, frank. 有办法让他开口,弗兰克。 2. On one's way to see a film. 在去看电影的路上

make one's way (to/towards sth) 走; 行走; 前进: 例句: I'll make my way home now. 我现在要回家了。 make one's way (ie succeed) in life 在生活中有所成就

make one's way 向前 take one's way 中的one's一般都是明确的词比如my,her,his,your等 一般都翻译成:出发 也有这个词组take one's way to 翻译成:向...走去

”go one's way 动身,前往 例:A stranger stopped and asked me for a light,then went his way. 一个陌生人停下来向我借了火,然后又继续向前走了。 make one's way 一路前进, 向前 (vi.)行进,在事业上进展 . 例:We make our way to the coa...

make way for 让路 双语对照 词典结果: make way for [英][meik wei fɔ:][美][mek we fɔr] v.让路给,为…开路; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. Despite laws requiring fair compensation, people forced to make way for constructi...

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