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有啊,就是be good at 的比较级,把good 变成了 better

be good at

be better at 是 be good at 的比较级,译为 在某方面比……更擅长 be better in 是迷惑你的

be better at (是 be good at 的比较级): 擅长于……; 在……方面做得好.= do better in 好像没be better in 这种用法.He is good at maths , but he is better at English .也数学学得好,但他英语更好.加油!不明白再问!如果帮到你,请采纳,谢谢!

better 是形容词good和副词 well 的比较级,它没有介词词性.一般来说过,在介词之后的动词要加ing形式.

be good at 擅长比较级:be better at 用法:1、be good at sth.擅长某事.如:She is good at English.她擅长英语.2、be good at doing sth.擅长做某事.如:Mary is good at swimming.玛丽擅长游泳.3、萨丽比迈克更擅长数学.Sally is better at math than Mike.满意请【采纳】,祝学习进步!

意思有所区别,不能换:be good at擅长you had to be good at mathbe good in 在某方面出色,有效果The method was proved to be good in reproducibility and of low detection limit.

do well in = be good atdo better in 是 do well in的比较级be better at 是 be good at的比较级better 是good 跟well 两个词的比较级. 注意搭配不变 do..in beat..就好了

be good at doing sth = do well in doing sth 意思相同,没有区别.加油!不明白再问!如果帮到你,请采纳,谢谢!

就填be better at 比较级

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