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OvEr shoEs ovEr Boots. 到底是什么意思?

over shoes over boots 一不做二不休 将错就错 例句筛选 1. Sometimes she wears leather over knee boots, or sexy high heel shoes. 有时她穿过膝长皮靴,或性感高跟鞋。

答案是:boot 和shoe 通常都是以复数形式出现的,因为他们都是成双成对的的,比如:a pair of boots /shoes 一双靴子/鞋子 boot 和shoe 都是单数 ,boots和shoes 都是复数形式 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳


1 防护鞋(靴) protective shoes(boots)防御劳动中物理...14 防护鞋罩 protective over-boots具有防热阻燃或...

shoe: something that you wear to cover your feet, made of leather or some other strong material boot: a type of shoe that covers your whole foot and the lower part of your leg shoe就是一般的鞋子,而boot特指长靴。

shoes 鞋子(总称) sneaker 橡皮底帆布鞋 sandals 拖鞋 boots 长统靴 sneakers 旅游鞋,运动鞋,球鞋 希望采纳哦!


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