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总所周知 As well known ; 你是要名言警句 : 给你一个 我刚知道的句子吧 obama said; we ,the people ,still believe that every citizen deserves a basic measure of security and dignity . 还有其他 的 我举例给你:quitely ,we embrace ,in the world ,lit up by word; i can accept failure ,but i can not accept not trying .

1. as everyone knows; 2. as is known to all; 3. as we all know;4. be universally known;5. be widely known;6. Every barber knows that ; 7. come to light;8. It is well known that;9. be known to every family; 10. be known to every household; 11. be well-

众所周知: (saying) as is known to everone Relative explainations: <it is well known that> <truism> <as known to all> <come to light> as is now well known ;as is well known ;as it is known ;as now well known ;it can be well-

众所周知的英语翻译是:As is known to all或者是As we all know

It is universally acknowledged that (.是举世公认的,即众所周知的高级表达)

as everyone knows; as is known to all; be universally [widely] known; Every barber knows that ; Everybody knows ; it is common knowledge that ; It is known to all that ; It is particularly notorious that :

众所周知的:as everyone knows.

it is well known that;as we all know;as known to all;as is well known;it's commonly known that;notably;notiously;be universally [widely] known; everybody knows ; it is common knowledge that; it is known to all that; it is particularly notorious that

众所周知,英语是:As we all know.例句:As we all know, some of today's children are overweight because they eat too much fast food. 众所周知,今天很多孩子都超重了,因为他们吃了太多的快餐.详细解释:all 英[:l] 美[l] adj. 全部的;

众所周知 well-known用于句型中:It is well-known that 两个空_well___-__known____

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