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元旦(1月1日)NewYear'sDay 春节(农历一月一日)theSpringFestival 元宵节(农历一月十五日)theLanternFestival 国际劳动妇女节(3月8日)InternationalWorkingWomen'sDay 植树节(3月12日)ArborDay 邮政节(3月20日)PostalDay 世

中国传统节日中英对照1.New Year's Day 元旦(1月1日) 2.Spring Festival;Chinese New Year's Day 春节(农历一月一日) 3.Lantern Festival 元宵节(农历一月十五日) 4.International Working Women's Day 国际劳动妇女节(3月8日) 5.Arbor

新年-New Year's Day 春节-Spring Festival 三八节-International Working Women's Day 五一节-May Day 五四节-Chinese Youth Day 六一节-International Children's Day 八一建军节-Army Day

1. 春节(农历一月一日) Spring Festival;Chinese New Year's Day 2. 元宵节(农历一月十五日) Lantern Festival 3. 清明节(4月5日) Tomb-Sweeping Day 4. 端午节(农历五月初五) Dragon Boat Festival 5.中秋节(农历八月十五) Mid-Autumn (Moon)Festival 6. 重阳节(农历九月九日) Double-ninth Day 7.. 除夕(农历十二月三十日)New Year's Eve

The Spring Festival The Spring Festival, Chinese New Year,is the most important festival for all of us. All family members get together on New Year'Eve to have a big meal.At the same time, everyone celebrates to each other.At about 12 o'clock,some

春节:Spring Festival 元宵节:Lantern Festival 清明节:Qingming Festival 端午节:Dragon Boat Festival 七夕节:Double-seventh Day(简单的译法)重阳节:Double-ninth Day(简单的译法)中秋节:Mid-Autumn Festival 冬至节:Winter Solstice Festival

Chinese traditional festival.

中秋节 Mid-AutumnFestival(15th day of the 8th lunar month)1.Please accept our wishes for you and yours for a happy Mid-autumn day!(请接受我们对你以及你全家的祝福,祝你们中秋快乐)2.英语月亮:moon月饼:moon cake团圆:reunion祝

all the Chinese holidays

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