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It is festivals that make us reunite .节日让我们团聚在一起.People all enjoy ourselves.人们都很欢乐.I can have a rest,and put trouble aside.我可以好好休息一下,把烦恼丢到一边.Celebrating festivals is a good way to hand down the tradition .庆祝节日是传承传统的好方法.

元旦(1月1日)NEW YEAR'S DAY 成人节(日本,1月15日)ADULTS DAY 情人节(2月14日)ST.VALENTINE'S DAY 元宵节(阴历1月15日)LANTERN FESTIVAL 狂欢节(巴西,二月中下旬)CARNIVAL 桃花节(日本女孩节,3月3日)

1月1日元旦(New Year's Day) 2月2日世界湿地日(World Wetlands Day) 2月14日情人节(Valentine's Day) 3月3日全国爱耳日 3月5日青年志愿者服务日 3月8日国际妇女节(International Women' Day) 3月9日保护母亲河日3月12日中国植

The Spring Festival comes after New Year's Day.It's usually in January or February.It's the Chinese New Year's Day.The Spring Festival is the biggest festival in China.All of the Chinese like this festival.When it comes,people are busy.They usually do

wish you will be ok till the end of the next year spend everyday happily

spring festival is the most important festival in china.=春节是中国最重要的节日. we have reunion dinners during spring festival=我们在春节吃团圆饭. the whole family will watch the tv show and play fire crackers after the dinner. 全家人在吃完饭后会一起看节目,放鞭炮

It is in February or March. There are lanterns with riddles in them. People usually go to do the riddles. Many people eat rice ball that day. ----Latern FestivalIt is in January or February. T

西方节日 (只是基本的节日,每个国家还有很多自己的节日)1 January - New Year's Day - 新年14 Febuary - Valentines Day - 情人节1 April - April Fool's Day - 愚人节2nd

1 Without you, the moon is round though my heart is empty.没有你在我身边,天上月圆圆,我心却空落落.2 East or west, home is best.金窝,银窝不如自己的狗窝.3 The moon cake is eaten away, but the sweetness remains.月饼已吃,甜蜜犹存

中秋节的英文是:Mid-Autumn Festival1、读音 Mid-Autumn Festival ['md'tm fstvl]2、释义 n.中秋节,中秋佳节3、短语 Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet 中秋团圆宴 ; 中秋节宴会 ; 中秋节节宴会 Mid-Autumn festival fast 中秋节快速

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