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英语作文 只有1000单词即可

now. i'm a good girl on my english teacher 's opinin . but two years ago. my best score is 50 . and i don't know which thing i im bad in . my teacher tell me that i should memorize more and more words and sentences . i try to memorize it . but i can;t

Learning English is like learning other languages. In my opinion, the first thing you have to do is to spend much time practicing using English every day. Besides, you should listen to the teacher and take notes carefully in class. Don't spend too much

有些人终其一生重复做同样的事情,避免改变Some people throughout his life of repeating the same things, avoid changing their occupations, such Low-level jobs belongs to them with a heart , night watchman, forest ranger to protect forests,

A Happy Weekend Last weekend my parents and I went to the park for fun.We set out at 8:00 in the morning,and got there at 8:30.We saw a lot of people there.Some of them watched the monkeys,some played games,others had a rest under the

New Years Day January 1st is New Year's Day. It's a great day for all the people throughout the world. As the saying goes, "A good beginning is half the battle". So, many people go all out to celebrate the important day. On that day, I went to the

dear my friend: A few days ago you asked me how to do to leave a good impression to your friend who invited you to attend a big family party.Here are my several personal suggestion and if you follow the steps I give to you,you will do it will.Step one,

To a Chinese, the task of learning English well is not easy. So I, like many other English learners, have met with difficulties in learning English during the past seven years. But I managed to overcome them and made much progress. The spelling

Last summer vacation, I went to Hangzhou to visit the West Lake with my parents. I went there by plane and it was my first time to go someplace by plane, so I was really excited before the starting day. As for the feeling of taking a plane, it was quite

Now in our modern times,economy is devloping faster and faster.Traveling abroad now is becoming the common activiy that most people like to take part in. when it comes to the travel,everyone should notice the following things.The first is that we

My favourite TV programme is the BOSS TOWN.There are three reasons about the phenomenonThe first one is that the programme shows off the legend of the business.Every one is a very important leader in his field.The second one is that the

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