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Together can not love, I will silently bless you, my heart belongs only to you. It is still a long life "

How could a because rain, he thought he could get his shadow dilute forget.

For your company is wanting goods urgently, we arranged our workers to produce on an additional shift this week, and thus, those goods could be ready on the 6th. Then shipment can be on the 9th. Currently, this is the quickest plan.Besides, please

Darling,I promise you: I will concentrate on deep love you, really touched you, diligently will take care of you, I will be waiting for you! Piglet, I love you!

I have been waiting for you but now I don't even have the right to wait for you. I am sorry to have disturbed you.

To love doesn't mean we have to be together, it also doesn't mean we have to have each other. I will still bless you in slience, and my heart only belongs to you. For life, there is still a long way to go.

The world for you and me,I tried my best to build it,but you don't cherish it,so I decided to give it up,and I will focus on my career.

Star in my heart this implies that the "only" when it just will quickly across the sky, leaving no trace, but I will always remember its fleeting moment, that moment light, heat. Look at it, my heart severely twitch, however, you're in my heart sinking,

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1.I use the youth to wait for her 2.Years of cultivation with the boat crossing the Millennium repair of therapeutic writing sleep. 用青春去等待我的她(或者是有缘人) With the youth to wait for me, she (or a nice ring) 百年修得同船渡,千年修的共枕

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