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晚上回家不能晚过8点Go home at night not later than eight points 早上家人互相问好Morning say hello. Each other family 每个人要勤干家务Everyone should work frequently do housework 每天早晨都要锻炼Every morning exercise 吃完晚饭要洗自

1、you should get up at 6 o'clock every morning.2、don't shout when someone is sleeping.3、no crying.4、you shouldn't arrive at home after 11o' clock p.m.5、don't argue with others.希望能帮到你.祝学习进步!

don't eat in the bad.don't play computer games on school nights.don't talk loudly.don't leave rubbish.don't watch tv on school nights.求赞

1.don't talk while eating. 2.don't fight with others. 3.get up early and go to bed early. 4.don't play computergames until finish homework. 5.musn't watch tv for a long time. 6.everfamily member should be polite.

上课不许迟到don't be late for class1. don't fight and shout loudly in the classroom;2. don't dye your hair, and boys mustn't wear long hair;3. don't eat and litter(乱扔垃圾) in the classroom.

To care each family member.To be honest to each one.To give more help to each one.To talk warm words to each one.To let each one know the true heart.

校规 the school regulation 家规 the family regulation 班规 the class regulation

1 I can't go out at my friends' home at night. 2 I'm not allowed to fight with others. 3 I`m not allowed to play computer games for a time. 4 I`m not allowed to waste food and money. 5 I should give a hand when others need.

As the saying goes,”as a country has its state laws, a family also needs family rules.” Every family has its rules. My family rule is no matter where you go, you have to come back before ten o'clock at night. My family always obeys this rule. I know

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