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我认为读书能增长知识的翻译是: I think reading can increase kno

多读书使我们能增长知识 的英文:Reading more increases our knowled

我的兴趣爱好是看书,看书不但能增长知识,而且还很有趣;它能让我从中学到某样东西 翻译 My

这不仅可以开拓视野,而且可以增长知识 It can not only open your fiel

going to school is for growth of knowledge, the gr

手工翻译如下 Because I think these hobbies can not only

1, Traveling opens our eyes, extends our knowledge

I love reading and travelling, which is helpful fo

阅读有很多好处,可以增长知识,提高写作水平和表达能力 Reading has many adva

why do you like reading books in your freetime?Bec

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