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My grandma is next to me

The woman who is sitting at the door is my grandmother希望对你有所帮助,有不会的可以再问,祝学习进步!您的及时采纳是对答题者的尊重!O(∩_∩)O~

grandma 英 [rnm:] granny 英 [grni:] grandmother 英 [rndm]

这些是我的父母.These are my parents.这个是我的奶奶.This is my grandmother.

MY GRANDMOTHERmy grandmother is 63 years old ,she lives in country with my grandfather.i love my grandmother.she can cook good meals .she always buy new gifts for me,i am happy staying with her.

There are two girl sitting (standing) beside my grandma; at the left is me, at the right is my cousin.堂姐妹是cousin, 不是sister-in-law

this is my grandma

那个老点的妇女是我的奶奶: The woman who is a little older is my grandma

this is a family portrait!呵呵,家庭照片可以说family photo,不过老外常说family portrait,有一首蛮好听的歌,名字就是这个,你可以去搜索下.四个空位的话可以写it's a family photo,或者it's a family portrait.

My grandmother is my favourite person.She likes leading a simple life. And she like wearing clothes which are made by herself. She takes a walk outside every day, so she is familiar with many people.She is so experienced in looking after babies,

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