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Extreme median filtering (EM) used to filter out the salt &pepper noise, the first according to the judgment standard (whether for extreme value point) will all pixels are divided into two types: noise N and signal S. Then, depending on the spatial

Crystalline materials atom into periodic ordered arrangement. Crystal structure can use parallelepiped of crystal bag said. Aluminum and magnesium crystal bag of different types, crystal structure is also different. Plastic deformation when the two metal deformability is not the same

when I was filling the forms of date of graduation, I found that I was not able to input a future time in this form. In order to complete the form. I am a graduate in a four-year university. I have completed all the required courses and got all the

Current, our country is in the social contradiction is highlighted period, a period of high incidence of criminal cases, the legitimate demands and illegal expression way intersection, party, government, police, affairs, domestic and other types of new


you can use the current plan compare with the standard of what you set if you want to measure the effect of the planning.

The work card is important to complete a series of jobs and to reach the final destination. Such as, if a worker is sick, thus leading the absence, I will send a reserve in complete his/her job. Without the work card, all sudden changes of workers would alarm the manager and result in a sticky situation.

I graduated at a tourism school Hotel, major in hotel management and I have a sweet home. There are three word I use to repersent myself, independent, health and careful. Six years in bording school tempered my independent ability. I am a kind

We are terribly sorry to inform you that the shipping marks were not sticken to the containers as requested, because the ship left on July 15th, and it's impossible to stick them at the moment, we will have to delete the relevant information about the shipping marks on the B/L. Sorry again for the trouble we cause.

Lata without profoundly poet character, as well as the natural endowments Chaoyi refined, and the talented, fame beat the casual, and he is sprung from Homer, Zhong Ming Ding food, all of Gong Jin, the band Yutang, step-Huanhai prospects,

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