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We have not received your tyrant at this moment, we need to answer the costomer today, so please help us handle this as soon as possible. Thank you.

are you remmenber me ? today in year before .we have been in together . but it is so short time for us in together .only five months .i can not leave it when leave you late . can we get together again ? i also love you !

1." There is a reflector lamp burnt-out in the kitchen and the living room respectively. The sink plug in the kitchen is not tight enough to stop the water."【公益慈善翻译团】

your wilfulness and your temper make me afraid,please don't be like this,if there is another one exists in your heart,plese,let me go!

一个人走在即向往又陌生的城市I am walking in this strage city 不知该何去何从wondering where to go. 这里的傍晚,东湖边上,夜景很美The night here is beautiful beside the East Lake但是再美However, 也掩饰不住我的忧伤its beauty cannot

i have received your mail and thank you for your enquyiry. as a manufaturer, we have a lot of products, all of which are brand-new. i wonder which of our products you want to buy. if you have made your decision, you can enquire and place an order.

Release the hand ,without miss,let you fly Release the hand,without contaction,let you fly Release the hand,give you free out of my mind ,let you fly

You think that free and easy smile and moving curve, I faltering Chiqibi, I chose this way to express the original I love you, I hope you can accept. In my mind you increasing the weight. Your eyes, your face, your smile, Qiao Qiao's stole my heart, in my

Lets loose the hand, no longer saves long for you, lets you soar; lets loose the hand, no longer has any contacting with you, lets you soar; lets loose the hand, no longer locks you in mine atrium, lets you soar;

my tears tell me that i still love you 外语soso团队很高兴为你解答,希望对你有帮助,若还觉得满意,望采纳,谢谢

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