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请教英语高手、、帮忙翻译一下 谢谢


I am the father of a young ice hockey player, now in the school when the sports psychology teacher, he loves ice hockey campaign, participated in the Beijing Amateur Bing Qiudui, every week there are at least three days to go to sports.


If only there hadn't a typhoon would we ship the goods!

I want to run after her, if she gets married to me, I will run after her for a lifetime; if she get married to others, I will run after her till she got married.

Dear guests: Hello! on July 30, issued to Hai Phong port cargo arrives at the Saigon and notify your company to take delivery of a thing, I am very sorry . Because we had a new shipping agents, freight transport only in Sai Kung, will eventually reach

Writing a dailry likes a long memory for me. The memory of my junior and senior high school, my dalry junal all about of my feeling about her, that felling in my mind like very ture and great. Whenever, I look at my junal that it makes me to meet her in my dream, it is very surprice.


Money is not everything, have the money does not mean all over. 钱不是万能的,拥有钱不代表拥有所有. Although sometimes the money is necessary for us, they are not completely necessary.尽管有时钱对我们来说是必要,它们也是不完全不可

Jacob 和Cherry去旅游了.但是他们并没有让他们的公寓空置着.他们的邻居,Luck,帮他们看守公寓. Luck 将会在他们的公寓里住一个星期.看守公寓的差事并不难,邮递员并没有信可递(他们并没有什么 信件等着要收),所以Luck并不需要帮他

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