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after inquiring, it turned out to be a cat, and i like it very much.

鍬咎泌和 麿浪散匯峪竪 He is fond of a cat.

心,匯峪錆慈議竪鍬咎撹哂猟頁Look, a funny cat

There's a lovely kitten in my home and my little sister likes it very much .

I have two cats.One is white, the other is yellow.

万頁匯峪竪万議兆忖出洗洗 It is a cat. Its name is Li Li賜宀頁It is a cat and Its name is Li Li

Keep a cat . 劍匯峪竪 錬李公低逸廁

I have a white cat, it has big eyes and a short tail. 錬李寡追填仍仍


圻猟犀攅狡彰埓鑠妾冏仇窟崛牧志姉虍議弌竪 鍬咎To his surprise, he found a weak cat in the bushes. 泌惚斤低嗤侭逸廁萩泣似云匈中嶄議^僉葎諾吭指基 ̄梓泥仍仍

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