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愚人节的:Boy 1: Have you ever been an April fool, Dave?Boy 2: Yes, I have. A friend once invited me to a costume party. When I got there, I found that he had fooled me. It wasn't a costume party. I was the only person wearing a costume. I was

A: Hey guys! As you know, Christmas is coming. So today we are going to talk about holiday.B & C: OK!A: B, what is your favorite holiday?B: My favorite holiday is ..C: Why do you like this holiday?B: I like this holiday because I like .. (ex. I like the

A: Happy New Year!A: 新年快乐!B: UhI'm a bit confused; New Year's Day was over weeks ago.B: 嗯……我有点搞迷糊了,新年不是几周前就过去了吗?A: You must be kidding! It is Chinese New Year, silly!A: 你在开什么玩笑啊!我是说春

A. Nice weather ,isn't it? 今天天气真好. It sure was hot last week. 上星期好热呀! B. I'm glad it is getting cooler as we are into autumn now. 真高兴现在是秋天, 凉快一点儿了. Today is Mid-Autumn Festival. 今天是中秋节? A. What's that? 什么是

这个随意写不就行了..A: Hello Tom , hi , Ben.B,C: Hi Mary.B: How is your holiday? Mary ? I heard from Ben that you went to Beijing .A: Yeah, I had a good time in Beijing . I went there with my mom . We visited Summer Palace , Forbidden City ,

a: hey, guys, i bought a new car yesterday. b: wow! c: well, there are more and more people own a car now, how do you guys think of this? a: en i think actually it means that our society is developing, all the people are much richer than before, don't

1.春节 A: Happy New Year! A: 新年快乐! B: UhI'm a bit confused; New Year's Day was over weeks ago. B: 嗯……我有点搞迷糊了,新年不是几周前就过去了吗? A: You must be kidding! It is Chinese New Year, silly! A: 你在开什么玩笑啊!

地道的bbc英语 Michael: I love Xmas!Billy: What is your favorite aspect of the Christmas season Michael?Michael: I love to see the fact that people are happy, peaceful and looking forward to their holidays.Billy: What about all of the decorations? What

●Place: Air's villa. 地点: 空气的别墅. Time: on the Mid Autumn Festival. 时间: 中秋节 People: Air and Rich 人物: Air 和Rich Rich is from American. He is an exchange student. Now he is studying at Beijing University. He majored in culture of

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